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"I cannot recommend this book enough!! I have fallen in love with Nerdi Bunny and her adventures! I especially love that this story educates the reader about bees while amplifying an intelligent, female lead. I will be buying future volumes in this series for my niece! Thank you for bringing Nerdi Bunny to life!"


...Nerdi Bunny and the Forever Family Safari by Aisha Toombs provides a beautiful way to teach your child about the importance of the family bond. Children will learn to appreciate their families and discover that close friends create a solid family bond as well. Your child will enjoy reading about the different animals that Nerdi met along the way, from the elephants, bees, lions, rhinos, gazelle, and buffalo to the alligators. Let your child's mind run free as they visualize the trees, grass, Northwest Falls, and the other beautiful scenery of Africa. Nerdi learns a lot, not only about others but herself. This journey gave her the strength and courage she didn't know that she had and a new name. Get your copy of this book today; your child will thank you for it.

Place in the Chase: A Nerdi Bunny Brief by Aisha Toombs is a delightful storybook with an adorable message that will help children accept defeat graciously and will also teach them to praise the winner with a positive attitude. It will also make them realize that sometimes competing is not always about winning. Tina Wijesiri captivates readers with her bright illustrations and they are as charming as the story and make the Chase vivid. All the characters are well-sketched and memorable. It is a good book for storytelling sessions in classrooms and at home, because of the good messages it conveys to young readers. It is easy for children to understand concepts, messages, thoughts, and ideas when conveyed with the help of a story and interesting characters.

"My daughter and I are beginning to read chapter books together and this was a great addition to our rotation. We read the full book in a few nights but it could be read in one sitting for a young reader too.
I will always support a female character with smarts as an example for my daughter! Looking forward to a second installation."


Great book for kids that teaches young children how to think through a situation.


Mamta, Readers' Favorite

Vernita, Readers' Favorite

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