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Nerdi Bunny, a bright and avid reader of books lives in Cottontail Burrow with her mama and younger twin siblings, Artsy and Sporty. For Nerdi, reading is the key to everything from solving life’s problems to reaching your dreams. Nothing is ever 100 percent, but you always have to give it your best. It is with that mentality that she’s always eager to help anyone in the burrow and beyond who may ask.

Nerdi Bunny and the Busy Bee Bully Bear Business

When Nerdine, a precocious and tomato-obsessed bunny, discovers that the bees in Cottontail Burrow have stopped working, she must find a solution to convince the bees to get back to pollinating. If she can’t, then the Honey and Harvest Festival will only have angry bees, sobbing bears, very little eats, and no delicious sweets. Cottontail Burrow doesn’t need a hero--they need a Nerdi Bunny!


Nerdi Bunny and the Big Bayou Gator Grief

When Nerdi and her pal Hamilton Shanks head to bayous of Chew Orleans for summer vacation they expect long days filled with good food and good times. But when Gator Stump interrupts the Big Boil to lay out his huge plans for the wetlands, Nerdi’s brain-itch-bunny-twitch tells her that those plans could mean disaster. If she and Hamilton can’t stop Gator Stump from ruining the bayou, then the bayou on the Chew just might be through!


Book 3 KDP e cover.jpg
Nerdi Bunny and the Forever Family Safari

Lions and rhinos and elephants--oh my! Join Nerdi as she travels to the Savanna to help some new friends by stopping an old enemy. On her journey, Nerdi is reminded that families are strong when they work together; and family is not just the one you are given but the one you create for yourself.

Big Busy Brainy Activity Book Cover.jpg
Nerdi Bunny's BIG Busy Brainy Activity Book

Word puzzles, critical thinking skills, and coloring pages can be found in this new and improved version of our first activity book. This one is a stand-alone activity book, so whether you've visited Cottontail Burrow or not, you can enjoy over 25 pages of fun stuff to do!

Place in the Chase Cover Art Front Cover
Place in the Chase: A Nerdi Bunny Brief

The end of the year Gopher Games have arrived and Sporty Bunny wants to have a place at the top, but to get there she has to beat Cottontail Burrow's undefeated and unabashed Chase champion, Nellie Pine. Sporty must learn, with the help of her sister Nerdi, that there's more to the Chase than just being fast!

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