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Aisha Toombs


Aisha Toombs is a teacher, author, and bee-enthusiast. Nerdi Bunny and the Busy Bee Bully Bear Business, is the first book of the Nerdi Bunny series and marks her debut as a children’s book writer. In July of 2018, the first book of the series received a Purple Dragonfly Award for Excellence in Children's Literature. Nerdi Bunny teaches readers that they can be #BrownBrainyBrilliant all while learning about friendship, family, caring for their environment, and working through their problems.

Before Nerdi Bunny, Aisha has written articles and reviews for various websites, a one-act play for the 2008 GLO New Light Festival in Philadelphia, and self-published an anthology of poetry and short stories.

In addition to writing, Aisha has recently taken up sewing and started her brand, 4 of a Kind Custom Tote and Design, which has a focus on creating totes, clutches, and wrist bags using African prints, fun patterns, and other various textiles.

She currently teaches high school English and resides outside of Philadelphia, PA where she lives with her family that includes a husband, a best friend, a special covert ops mission cat, named Madeline, and a new kitties named Count Felix Espresso of Delco and Riley Cat.

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